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Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Q: I have a < insert country here > keyboard layout, can the keys that are used for playing MIDI notes be configured?

A: No, that is not possible at this time.

Q: How can I use VMK to play my softhsynths in < insert sequencer program here >?

A: You need a program like MIDI Yoke which is a virtual MIDI port.

Connect it like this:

Virtual MIDI Keyboard » MIDI Yoke Out 1
MIDI Yoke In 1 » Sequencer

Virtual MIDI Sliders

Q: When I save a file the program locks up, what's going on here?

A: There have been reported some problems with Virtual MIDI Sliders in conjunction with a virus scanner. Actually, it does not lock up but just takes a very long time to finish. Try tuning your virus scanner (all at your own risk of course) so that it does not scan the files that Virtual MIDI Sliders saves to disk.

Q: The Setup MIDI Devices window is all messed up, there are no devices selected and when I try to change the MIDI ports I get the error " "" is not a valid integer value" I also get the error "Invalid device ID" during start up.

A: This happens when your hardware configuration has changed e.g. you added a new MIDI interface to your system. The program gets confused because the device ID's are changed, you can solve this by deleting the file VMSliders.ini in the directory where the program is installed. Make sure the program is not running when you do this. If you don't want to loose your settings you can also edit this file and make the following adjustments:

MIDI In1=-1
MIDI In2=-1
MIDI Out1=-1

After you have done this you can start the program again and make the new settings in the MIDI device window.

Q: Does Virtual MIDI Sliders support sysex?

A: Virtual MIDI Sliders does not support sysex at the moment. The only sysex that it can send is a (user configurable) controller dump request string.

Q: Can Virtual MIDI Sliders send pitch bend data?

A: Virtual MIDI Sliders can not send pitch bend data at the moment.

Q: When I start Virtual MIDI Sliders it crashes (Exception:EMidiInputError, Invalid device ID).

A: This happens when no MIDI devices are installed on the system. Make sure you have a correctly installed MIDI device.

Virtual MIDI Mixer

Q: When I try to load a file, I get the message "Wrong File Type"?

A: VMM works only under Window 3.11 and Windows 9x.

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