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Welcome to Granucon music software. On this site you can download some of the programs I've been working on, all of them are freeware. If you like the software I make and want to support the continuing development of the programs please make a donation. You can do so by clicking on the donate button.

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April 24th 2011

I added a patches section to the site with some patches for the Sonic Core Modular 4 synth. I also added a page for the Jomox AirBase 99 editor called AirTweaker. January 9th 2010

Added new VMS slider settings files for the Redsound Darkstar XP2 synthesizer and for the program Whorld which lets your sliders control the creation of images. Thanks to Colin Hall ( for making them.
May 20th 2006

Updated the Virtual MIDI Sliders feature list with some useful information for Nord (Micro) Modular users.
March 25th 2006

Pluggo Categorizer released, With this small utility you can categorize your Pluggo plug-ins. It is useful for VST hosts that use directories to categorize plug-ins e.g. Cubase SX. Save yourself some manual drag and drop labour :)
March 18th 2006

For those who want to use Virtual MIDI Keyboard with Reason, there is a tutorial at that explains how to set things up. Thanks for Kim P.D. for making it.
November 20th 2005

Virtual MIDI Sliders v1.0.0 (freeware) has been released :) go to the Virtual MIDI Sliders page for more information and to download it.
November 12th 2005

Added an RSS feed for the latest news.
November 6th 2005

Added a software museum for those nostalgic moments :-)
October 26th 2005

New name and website :) the Virtual MIDI Pages are now called Granucon music software.
October 23rd 2005

Patmulgen v1.0 is out. The drum contraption pattern variation generator thingy for AudioMulch :)

Virtual MIDI Controller is now called Virtual MIDI Sliders and is in the testing phase. With a little luck it will be released this year.
August 28th 2005

Added a little FAQ.
July 15th 2005

I made a GUI for glitch. Glitch is a great sample mangle tool to mess up drum loops and other tempo based samples. For those of you who can't wait for the VST version :) you can use glitchUI to try out different settings a little faster. Go to the glitchUI page. Glitch was made by Kieran Foster, see for more information.
February 22nd 2004

Virtual MIDI Keyboard is now freeware. The version that you can download from this site is already registered. The people that have it already installed can use the following registration:

Name: Freeware Edition
Serial: 6MMLKPK51L086P44PO59P47221287530

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