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  • GranuLab
  • Real-time granular synthesizer. Also take a look at Coagula.
  • KVRAudio
  • A huge amount of resources about music software.
  • Excellent all-purpose MIDI Utility.
  • If you can read dutch....Goede site met veel discussies over synths, MIDI, computers, muziek, enz.
  • Sonic State
  • News about the latest music hard- and software.

    Modular Music Environments

  • AudioMulch
  • Interactive Music Studio with modular architecture.
  • Bidule
  • Modular plugin host.
  • Cycling 74
  • Max: An interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media.

    My Music

  • Insanic4
  • Visit this site if you want to hear some of the music I make.
  • Sonic Engram Netlabel
  • My netlabel where I release some of my tracks on.

    Lemur multitouch controller

  • JazzMutant
  • JazzMutant, makers of the now defunct Lemur.
  • Lemur forum
  • Lemur community forum.
  • Antonio Blanca
  • Lemur resources.
  • Music-Interface
  • Lemur projects including the Sequencomat midistepsequencer.
  • Sequencomat V3
  • Sequencomat V3 info.

    Virtual Instruments and FX

  • Audio Ease
  • High quality convolution reverb and creative FX bundles.
  • Destroy FX
  • A good collection of free VST plugins to make your next IDM track ;-)
  • Glitch
  • Glitch is a great sample mangle tool to mess up drum loops and other tempo based samples.
  • Prosoniq
  • Commercial music software with an experimental edge.
  • Smartelectronix
  • If you're looking for experimental audio plugins then this is the place.
  • Sonic Charge
  • ┬ÁTonic drummachine, Synplant synth with experimental user interface and more.
  • Sugar Bytes
  • Instruments and FX including the Effectrix Effect Sequencer.

    Nord Modular Resources

  • Clavia
  • Nord Lead, Nord Modular, .......G2 :)
  • Nord Modular forum
  • Clavia Nord Modular forum on
  • G2 patch archive
  • Nord modular G2 zipped patch archive at

    Scope Resources

  • Sonic Core
  • Makers of the Scope system and DSP hardware.
  • Planet Z
  • Scope community forum.
  • XITEd
  • XITE-1 and Scope community forum, no trolls allowed ;)
  • Adern
  • Scope devices including the Flexor 3 modular add-on pack and some free devices.
  • CW Modular
  • A lot of information about the Scope Modular.
  • Wolf Audio Design
  • Scope devices including some freebies.
  • Zarg Music
  • Scope devices by John Bowen who also makes the Solaris hardware synth.
  • The Modular Corner
  • Scope Modular synth resources.
  • SpaceF Devices
  • Scope devices.
  • ScopeRise
  • ezine about the Scope DSP platform.
  • Psy-works
  • Community Sonic Core SCOPE Plugins and Devices


  • Richard Devine's blog.
  • Create Digital Music
  • Music technology blog by Peter Kirn.
  • Matrixsynth
  • Everything synth.
  • Blog
  • Blog by Michel van Osenbruggen with also some DIY and synth repair posts.
  • Synthtopia
  • Music technology utopia ;)
  • Trash_Audio
  • Blog about hard and software with a "Workspace and Environment" section.

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