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Sounds and Samples Share

Some granular soundscapes made with the JV-1080, FS1R, Machinedrum and processed using the Sonic Core Scope Modular with Adern Flexor modules.

Granular Scope Experiment by insanic4

Some over the top reverb fx from my Roland SRV-3030

Ambient Reverb Test by insanic4

Here is a drumloop that is mangled by the Roland VaiOS sound module. The dry loop is played at the beginning. The loop was created in the VProducer software and exported to Cubase as a MIDI file. During playback some parameters were tweaked in real-time using the VProducer GUI.

Roland VariOS experiment by insanic4

The second Roland VariOS experiment. The first 14 seconds is the source material, after that the VariPhrase engine kicks in and completely mutates the signal while it is sequenced by Cubase.

VariOS Experiment 2 by insanic4

Here are some sounds I made with the VariOS 8 synthesizer that is running on the Roland VariOS sound module. No external effects were used.

VariOS 8 Demo by insanic4

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