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Patmulgen is a drum pattern variation generator for AudioMulch. It has four variation configurations that can have one of the following variation types:

- Bypass
- Repeater
- Slice Order Randomizer
- Random Breaks
- Reverse Slice Order
- Slow Down Slices
- Clear Slices

Every variation configuration has settings for the number of slices and can operate on the drum channels one through five.


(Click for large view)

How it works:

Open a drum contraption in AudioMulch and make a drum pattern. Store it in a preset. Copy this preset. Go to Patmulgen and make some settings, then press the "Generate Variation" button. Now go to AudioMulch and paste the preset of the drum contraption and load it to hear te results.

System requirements:

AudioMulch must be installed on your machine. See for more information about this program. AudioMulch was created by Ross Bencina (Copyright ©1997-2005).

Patmulgen requires the dotNet framework to be installed on your system. See:


File Size Version Licence
[ download ]   Patmulgen v1.0
303 KB v1.0 Freeware

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