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Working with VMM Description files

  • How to launch Virtual Midi Mixer

    If you run Virtual Midi Mixer (without a command-line parameter) a file open dialog will appear. In this dialog you can select a VMM file that you want to open. Virtual Midi Mixer also supports command-line parameters. If you use a command-line parameter to launch Virtual Midi Mixer (vmmixer.exe example.vmm or drop a VMM file on the Virtual Midi Mixer icon) the program won't show a file open dialog and it will load the VMM file directly.

  • The basics of VMM Description files

    Virtual Midi Mixer uses a VMM Description file to determine which controller objects should be used and what properties these objects have. A VMM Description file has the following syntax:

    ; This is comment.
    Number Of Faders=[0..1000]
    Number Of Knobs=[0..1000]
    Number of menus=[0..1000]
    [Program Menus]
    Number of Program menus=[0..1000]
    Number Of MidiButtons=[0..1000]
    Number of borders=[0..1000]
    [Group Selection Buttons]
    Number of Group Selection Buttons=[0..1000]
    X=[X position]
    Y=[Y position]
    X=[X position]
    Y=[Y position]
    Use MorphFader=[true/false]
    Midi Controller=[none/0..127]
    [Random Generator]
    X=[X position]
    Y=[Y position]
    Use Random Generator=[true/false]
    Percent Of Original=[1..100]
    Full Range=[true/false]
    Show Logo=[true/false]
    X=[X position]
    Y=[Y position]
    [Window Settings]
    X=[X position]
    Y=[Y position]
    [File Info]
    File Type=Virtual Midi Mixer Description File
    ; Here should the controller objects be placed. 
    ; see the "Controller objects" topic)
    ; The following entries will be generated by the program 
    ; ones you've run the VMM Description file.
    [Global Settings]
    Save Settings On Exit=[true/false]
    [Midi Settings]
    Midi In Port=-1
    Midi Thru Port=-1
    Midi Out Port=-1
    Override Midi Channel=[true/false]
    Midi Channel=[1..16]
    Midi Delay=[1..1000]
    Use Delay=[true/false]
    [Joystick Settings]
    Use Joystick=[true/false]
    [Joystick 1 Settings]
    Joystick1 X-Axis -> Fader=[0..Number Of Faders]
    Joystick1 Y-Axis -> Fader=[0..Number Of Faders]
    Joystick1 X-Axis -> Knob=[0..Number Of Knobs]
    Joystick1 Y-Axis -> Knob=[0..Number Of Knobs]
    Joystick1 Button1 -> Midi Button=[0..Number Of MidiButtons]
    Joystick1 Button2 -> Midi Button=[0..Number Of MidiButtons]
    [Joystick 2 Settings]
    Joystick2 X-Axis -> Fader=[0..Number Of Faders]
    Joystick2 Y-Axis -> Fader=[0..Number Of Faders]
    Joystick2 X-Axis -> Knob=[0..Number Of Knobs]
    Joystick2 Y-Axis -> Knob=[0..Number Of Knobs]
    Joystick2 Button1 -> Midi Button=[0..Number Of MidiButtons]
    Joystick2 Button2 -> Midi Button=[0..Number Of MidiButtons]

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