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Table of contents

  • Intro and download
  • The features
  • How to setup Virtual MIDI Sliders
  • The windows
  • The toolbars
  • Keyboard shortcuts and MIDI remote control

  • « Intro and download

    Virtual MIDI Sliders is a MIDI mixer/controller that can be configured freely and can act as a translation layer for a hardware controller box. Below is a screenshot of the main window which contains the 24 slider and the 24 buttons, only the first 16 are visible in this screenshot. For a full view of Virtual MIDI Sliders you can take a look at another (large) screenshot.

    [ virtual midi sliders ]

    (Click for large view)


    File Size Version Licence
    [ download ]   Virtual MIDI Sliders v1.0.0
    569 KB v1.0.0 Freeware

    Slider Settings Files:

    File Size Description
    [ download ]   Redsound Darkstar XP2
    5 KB A VMS settings file for the Redsound Darkstar XP2. Thanks to Colin Hall ( for making it.
    [ download ]   Whorld
    5 KB A VMS settings file for the program Whorld which lets your sliders control the creation of images. Thanks to Colin Hall ( for making it.

    « The features

    Virtual MIDI Sliders has the following features:

  • 5 pages with 24 freely configurable sliders and buttons.
  • The page selection can be automated by a MIDI controller.
  • 4 banks with 10 controller snapshots each.
  • The controller snapshot actions can be automated by MIDI controllers.
  • A MIDI keyboard with bank change and program change and a panic button.
  • A vector controller.
  • A morph slider which lets you morph between two controller values.
  • A controller randomizer.
  • Slider group mode.
  • The 24 sliders on the screen can be automated with a hardware MIDI controller box which turns Virtual MIDI Sliders into a translation layer for MIDI controller data.
  • Favorites menu for frequently used slider settings.
  • Compact view which transform the program into a virtual label strip.

    Profiles (also known as Slider Settings Files) for the following devices are included with the program:

  • Jomox AiR Base 99
  • Roland JV-1080
  • Yamaha FS1R

  • But of course any device that accepts MIDI controller data (e.g. hardware synthesizer, softsynth, VST plugin, digital mixer, FX processor, etc) can be controlled with Virtual MIDI Sliders because you can make your own profiles. If you have made a profile that is also useful for other people please send it to me so I can put it on this website.

    Virtual MIDI Sliders has some useful features for Nord Modular (Micro and Engine) users. You can, for example, create a profile with all 120 sliders assigned to different MIDI controllers and then filter the unused sliders using a controller dump from the Modular or a Modular pch file (G1 only at the moment). This means that the program only shows the sliders that are assigned to controllers currently used in the Modular patch. So, if you always assign controller 20 to filter 2 cutoff and your current patch does not have a filter 2 module the slider assigned to controller 20 will not be visible (active).

    [ filter unused sliders ]

    Filter unused sliders

    « How to setup Virtual MIDI Sliders

    [ virtual midi sliders setup diagram ]

    Virtual MIDI Sliders Setup Diagram

    See the image above for an example of a possible setup with Virtual MIDI Sliders in conjunction with a hardware controller box and a sequencer or softsynth. To connect Virtual MIDI sliders to your sequencer or softsynth you need to install a virtual MIDI port on your system (also known as virtual MIDI cable or virtual MIDI router). There are a couple of free virtual MIDI ports available:

  • LoopBe1 from
  • MIDI Yoke Junction from
  • Maple Virtual MIDI Cable from marblesound
  • Hubi's MIDI LoopBack device from Hubert Winkler (win 3.x and 9x only)

  • There are also some commercial virtual MIDI port available:

  • MIDI Matrix from NTONYX
  • Virtual MIDI Router from Sony (free if you own ACID, Vegas, or Sound Forge)

  • For extra routing possibilities I recommend MidiTrix (freeware) from Hermann Seib.

    « The windows

    The MIDI Keyboard

    Virtual MIDI Sliders also has a MIDI keyboard that can be played with the mouse. The bank and program selectors can be used to select different sounds on the connected synth. If notes get stuck you can use the panic button to silence all playing notes.

    [ midi keyboard ]

    MIDI Keyboard

    The Snapshot Window

    The values of all sliders and buttons can be saved as a controller snapshot. There are 4 banks with room for 10 controller snapshots each. Different banks can be saved to disk and loaded from disk.

    [ snapshots ]

    Snapshot Window

    The Vector Controller

    With the vector controller you can control 8 sliders with one mouse movement. 4 sliders are connected to the X-axis and 4 sliders are connected to the Y-axis.

    [ vector controller ]

    Vector Controller

    The Morph Slider

    With the morph slider you can morph between the sliders upper range and the lower range. Slider ranges can be setup with the menu items "Selection » Set Upper Range For Selected Sliders" and "Selection » Set Lower Range For Selected Sliders" which means that the current slider position is used to set the range boundaries.

    [ morph slider ]

    Morph Slider

    « The toolbars

    The Main Toolbar

    The main toolbar can be used to create, open and save files, make MIDI settings, send and request MIDI data, randomize controller data and enable group mode. You can also show or hide the different windows, show information about the program and close the application.

    [ main toolbar ]

    Main Toolbar

    The Snapshot Toolbar

    The snapshot toolbar can be used for quick access to the snapshots. Hint: Click with the left mouse button on a snapshot button to rename a snapshot.

    [ snapshot toolbar ]

    Snapshot Toolbar

    The Pages Toolbar

    With the pages toolbar you can switch between the 5 available slider pages. Every page has 24 sliders each with its own controller settings, so you can have a total of 120 different sliders. No matter which page is active the sliders always listen to the same remote controller values so when you have an external hardware controller box connected (on the remote input port) you can extend its number of knobs with virtual sliders. For example if you have a hardware controller with 24 sliders you can use Virtual MIDI Sliders to quickly switch between 5 different configurations.

    [ pages toolbar ]

    Pages Toolbar

    The Transport Toolbar

    With the transport toolbar you can control the transport functions of a connected device (if that device supports MIDI controllers). For example a sequencer, a digital recorder, etc.

    [ transport toolbar ]

    Transport Toolbar

    « Keyboard shortcuts and MIDI remote control

    A lot of the functions Virtual MIDI Sliders offers can be controlled by the computer keyboard and (more important) by MIDI controllers. In the table below all keyboard shortcut keys and MIDI controllers are listed so you can program you hardware controller box to control specific functions of Virtual MIDI Sliders. If you are using a hardware controller box that has fixed values for its knobs, buttons or sliders you can change the default controller values that Virtual MIDI sliders uses by editing the VMSliders.ini file which is located in the directory where the program is installed. Edits must be made in the following sections of the file: [Remote Settings] and [Transport Settings].

    Function Shortcut Key Remote MIDI Controller

    The File Menu
    Initialize Slider Settings Ctrl+N -
    Open Slider Settings Ctrl+O -
    Save Slider Settings Ctrl+S -
    Save Slider Settings As Shift+Ctrl+S -
    Filter Unused Sliders Using Controller Dump Ctrl+F -
    Filter Unused Sliders Using Nord Modular Patch File Shift+Ctrl+F -

    The MIDI Menu
    Send All Controllers F6 -
    Send All Controllers On Current Page F7 -
    Send Selected Controllers F8 -

    The Selection Menu
    Select All Ctrl+A -
    Deselect All Ctrl+D -
    Select All On Current Page Shift+A -
    Deselect All On Current Page Shift+D -
    Enable Selected Sliders Ctrl+E -
    Disable Selected Sliders Ctrl+B -
    Set Upper Range For Selected Sliders Ctrl+U -
    Set Lower Range For Selected Sliders Ctrl+L -
    Clear Range For Selected Sliders Ctrl+C -
    Group Selection Ctrl+G -
    Randomize Selection F9 -
    Setup Randomize Factor Ctrl+R -

    The Pages Menu
    Load Page 1 F1 65
    Load Page 2 F2 66
    Load Page 3 F3 67
    Load Page 4 F4 68
    Load Page 5 F5 69

    The Snapshots Menu
    Take Snapshot Ctrl+T 72
    Snapshot 0 Ctrl+0 73
    Snapshot 1 Ctrl+1 74
    Snapshot 2 Ctrl+2 75
    Snapshot 3 Ctrl+3 76
    Snapshot 4 Ctrl+4 77
    Snapshot 5 Ctrl+5 78
    Snapshot 6 Ctrl+6 79
    Snapshot 7 Ctrl+7 80
    Snapshot 8 Ctrl+8 81
    Snapshot 9 Ctrl+9 82

    Transport Controls
    Play - 83
    Stop - 84
    Record - 85
    Pause - 86

    The View Menu
    Vector Controller Ctrl+V -
    Morph Slider Ctrl+M -
    MIDI Keyboard Ctrl+K -
    Snapshot List Ctrl+I -
    Compact View Ctrl+P 70

    Minimize / Restore Window - 71

    Slider Controller 1 - 1
    Slider Controller 2 - 2
    Slider Controller 3 - 3
    Slider Controller 4 - 4
    Slider Controller 5 - 5
    Slider Controller 6 - 6
    Slider Controller 7 - 7
    Slider Controller 8 - 8
    Slider Controller 9 - 9
    Slider Controller 10 - 10
    Slider Controller 11 - 11
    Slider Controller 12 - 12
    Slider Controller 13 - 13
    Slider Controller 14 - 14
    Slider Controller 15 - 15
    Slider Controller 16 - 16
    Slider Controller 17 - 17
    Slider Controller 18 - 18
    Slider Controller 19 - 19
    Slider Controller 20 - 20
    Slider Controller 21 - 21
    Slider Controller 22 - 22
    Slider Controller 23 - 23
    Slider Controller 24 - 24

    Button Controller 1 - 41
    Button Controller 2 - 42
    Button Controller 3 - 43
    Button Controller 4 - 44
    Button Controller 5 - 45
    Button Controller 6 - 46
    Button Controller 7 - 47
    Button Controller 8 - 48
    Button Controller 9 - 49
    Button Controller 10 - 50
    Button Controller 11 - 51
    Button Controller 12 - 52
    Button Controller 13 - 53
    Button Controller 14 - 54
    Button Controller 15 - 55
    Button Controller 16 - 56
    Button Controller 17 - 57
    Button Controller 18 - 58
    Button Controller 19 - 59
    Button Controller 20 - 60
    Button Controller 21 - 61
    Button Controller 22 - 62
    Button Controller 23 - 63
    Button Controller 24 - 64

    Keyboard shortcuts and MIDI remote control table

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